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His New and Living Way

Dr. Gary Whetstone

His New and Living Way


His New and Living Way is the experience you need to know that God is near and alive in you.

This practical step by step application of God’s truth causes you to experience freedom and see His manifestation in your personal life. Your participation brings the manifestation of God to the people and environments you touch through 8 Life Changing experiences of what Jesus did in:

His Death, His Burial, His Resurrection, His Blood, 
His Ascension, His Name, His Life Within You,
His Word living through You.

EXPERIENCE: All your conflicts ended in Jesus' Sacrifice and now Live Life from the Power of His Resurrection 

SHARE: The experience of Christ from within you that will help you bring everyone you know into the life of Jesus Christ 

Jesus' Life Manifesting Through You Is His New & Living Way

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