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18-June-2017: Father's Day

Dr. Gary Whetstone

18-June-2017: Father's Day


[Digital Product] By design a natural father knows what to give their child when they ask for something. He gives that which is good for the child. It may not be exactly what the child asked for, but what it given is not harmful nor destructive.
      Also by design, a committed natural father will teach, train, lead by example, discipline, encourage, listen to, provide for, and guide the child in the best way that he knows.
      Here is the great transformation! When the natural father is born again, spirit filled, redeemed by the blood, sanctified, established in righteousness, and a God’s Word taught and led saint, HIS FATHERHOOD GOES TO A NEW LEVEL OF DISCIPLESHIP, SPIRITUAL IMPARTATION AND EMPOWERMENT AS WELL!

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