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WEB128: Conquering Your Unseen Enemies

Jesus Experience

WEB128: Conquering Your Unseen Enemies

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This begins with the story of one young man's miraculous healing and deliverance from drugs, mental illness, and a destructive lifestyle. Gary Whetstone was the all-American boy: Student Council president, football captain, state-ranked tennis player, and high academic achiever. However, a tragic accident instantly changed his life and paved the way for drugs, insanity, a motorcycle gang, sex, and violence to take control. Entangled in a spiritual battle for his life, Whetstone received a taste of victory when the Lord healed and set him free from a mental hospital. Yet, the spiritual war continued to rage. Line upon line, precept upon precept, the Holy Spirit taught this young man how to conquer his unseen enemies. Now, Gary Whetstone helps others receive their freedom in Christ. In Conquering Your Unseen Enemies, Dr. Whetstone gives a biblical explanation for spiritual warfare and practical strategies for defeating the enemy. He includes a handbook with Scripture references to help you and others overcome evil spirits and live triumphantly. Now, you, too, can conquer your unseen enemies!  

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